Membership (Beneficiaries)

The total amount of band members Consists of approximately 3,993 Members, 1,735 of those are under the age of 18. The beneficiaries of the Trust whom receive the benefit of the Trust and choose the Trustees through the election process


Purpose of the Trustee position is to fulfill the General Mandate of the Trust of Acquiring Entitlement land and Administrating the Trust in Accordance to the Settlement and Trust Agreements endorsed August 3rd, 1994. Elected every 4 years and consists of 1 West Off Reserve Trustee, 1 East Off Reserve Trustee,  4 On Reserve Trustees, 1 Independent (Appointed) Trustee

Staffing Component:


Responsible for the daily supervision and decision making of all aspects of the Trust Mandate and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.  The Director represents the Trustees and is the liaison between the Trustee Board and Staff.  Other major responsibilities include the acquisition, management and conversion of the Entitlement Land.

The Director ensures that all adopted polices for administrative controls are adhered by all personnel.

Property Manager

Responsible for all aspects of the acquisition, management and conversion of the Entitlement Land and receives direction and reports to the Executive Director and Trustees.  The Property Manager is the liaison between tenants and lessees of the Trust.

Finance Officer

Responsible for daily Accounts Payables/Receivables, Requisition, Reconciliation, Finance Controls and provides reports as required to Trustees and Staff. Direction is received from the Executive Director and Trustees.


Responsible for the majority of the clerical duties required to fulfill the mandate of the Trust, updates personnel records and is the front-line staff member for liaison between the Public, Trustees and Staff.  Direction is received directly from the Executive Director, however is required to fulfill clerical duties of the other staff members when required.